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People Who Proved Success Comes With Hard Work

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Everyone want to be successful in his life. In today's time a person who has money, education and respect is known as successful. So guys today we are here to know about those people who were nothing before some years but now the world knows them.

1. Jack Ma

People Who Proved Success Comes With Hard  Work
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He is a Chinese businessman investor and know for his success life. He is the chairman and co founder of the Ali baba Group which is a multi national company. It also has a very solid advertising platform.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese Footballer

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3. Bill Gates ( co founder of Microsoft)

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4. Justin Bieber

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5. Sundar Pichai

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He is the present CEO of Google. In his early days he was a poor guy who didn't have money to run his house. Later he qualified IIT Advanced and did his engineering from IIT Kharagpur. He is known as the king of software. After creating google chrome and many more apps for Google his performance made to show his ability to the world.

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I Loved the second one. RONALDO is my ideal 😎

4 Months ago


bill gattes is a son of lawyer

4 Months ago


last one Sundar pichi is an iitan and You are saying he had nothin ?

4 Months ago

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