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People Are Sharing Pictures Of Dead Kurdish Women And Children And Tagging Ivanka Trump

People Are Sharing Pictures Of Dead Kurdish Women And Children And Tagging Ivanka Trump
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Donald Trump's daughter serves as a White House adviser with a focus on empowering women, but critics say she is failing to live up to that role.

As the Turkish military’s assault on Kurdish forces intensifies in northern Syria, some critics are trying to send a message directly to the White House — by sharing pictures of dead women and children and tagging Ivanka Trump.

The eldest daughter of President Donald Trump serves as one of his top advisers, with the White House saying she has a focus on empowering women around the world. But many are calling out Ivanka for her silence in the face of the bombardment of Kurdish people after her father’s military order to remove troops and allow Turkey to start its long-planned military operation. Critics say Donald Trump has abandoned America’s Kurdish allies, who played a key role in the fight against ISIS but now face attacks from the Turkish military that considers them a terrorist group.

Reports from Syria indicate that many civilians have been killed as they are caught in the bombing, with graphic images of the death and destruction now spreading across social media. Some have decided to tag Ivanka Trump directly in these pictures, including one user who showed a series of images that included the face of a child who appeared to have died in the attacks.

“Hug your children tonight Ivanka Trump – and know you are complicit in the death and terror plaguing these children,” the user wrote.

Another tagged Ivanka in a post showing video of a woman whose daughter died amid the bombardment from Turkish forces. In the video, the woman called on the international community to intervene to stop the attacks.

It is not just random Twitter users taking this approach, either. Brett McGurk, who served as a top adviser in the last three presidential administration including serving as Donald Trump’s special envoy on ISIS to lead the fight against the militant group, directly called out Ivanka on Twitter after reports that Turkish forces had slain a female Kurdish leader in what McGurk called a “war crime.”

“Turkish state-backed media hails a ‘successful operation’ to ‘neutralize’ an unarmed 35-year old woman working to unite Arabs, Christians, and Kurds in NE Syria. Ms. Hevrin Khalef was reportedly dragged from a vehicle and shot to death,” he . “That’s a war crime.”

Directly under this tweet, he tagged Ivanka Trump and shared a post she had made earlier in the week saying women needed to play a more prominent role during peace talks.

Ivanka Trump has long come under fire for remaining silent amid actions by her father’s administration that hurt women and families. As CNN noted last month, experts say that Ivanka’s messages of economic empowerment for women are also undercut by the actions of her father’s administration to restrict women’s reproductive rights.

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