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Nobody knows Kiara advani's real name and these 10 things about her.

Hello friends welcome to our new post,Friends Kiara Advani is one of the most successful actresses of Bollywood at the moment,her career has risen from Kabir Singh in which she won everyone's heart with her strong acting, Friends only few peoples knows Kiara Advani's real name and these 10 things about her.

Nobody knows Kiara advani's real name and these 10 things about her.
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1-Kiara's real name is alia advani the Bhaijaan of bollywood Salman Khan had given her the name of Kiara.

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2-Mother of both Kinara Advani and Salman Khan had grown up together.

3-She is grand daughter of actor syed jafari.

4-Isha Ambani is one of her best friend.isha ambani is the daughter of richest men in india mukesh ambani.

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5-Before entering in the bollywood,she was taught by Anupam Kher.

6- 90s superstar Juhi Chawal is her aunty.

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7-She has dated co-star Mohit Marwah who is cousin of Sonam Kapoor.

8- Kiara advani's favourite colour is white.

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9-Her favourite holiday spot is NewYork.she celebrate her holidays in NY

10- The god of cricket Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is kiara's favourite cricketer.Recently she worked in Netflix originals guilty which is a crime thriller movie.

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fact number 2: KINARA advani. waah waah

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