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No one’s listening to the problems faced by travellers at the City Bus Stand

No one’s listening to the problems faced by travellers at the City Bus Stand

Udupi: The snail pace of the repair work of the Gents and ladies restrooms at the city bus stand is causing much undue trouble to the travellers as well as the staff who are compelled to look for alternatives.

The work which could have been completed within 3-4 days is failing to show any signs of completion even after the passing of 7 days. The corporation officials have chose to ignore the difficulties faced by the travellers. During the nights, a few travellers relive themselves at some open space at the premises or near the walls and thus the bus stand is overpowered by an overwhelming offensive smell. Thus those alighting from the bus can pass through this mine of nasty smell by closing their nose with their hands.

If the local administration is approached regarding the snail pace of the work, it seems they have absolutely no time to listen to the problems of the people. The city bus stand was newly constructed in 2008. The corporation gave the responsibility of the restrooms to a private institution. Now the private institution has not provided any alternative for the travellers and started the repair work on the restrooms putting the travellers in a fix.

Daily, 93 buses come arrive and depart from this bus stand. Along with a hotel touching the bus stand, there are more than 10 shops here. These business are now being adversely affected by the repair work. The general public is demanding that the corporation must make sure that the private institution provides an alternative restroom for the travellers and then continue with their repair work.

Problem to visitors

“Travellers coming from other destinations will not be knowing the location of the restroom which is located outside the premises of the service bus stand. The bus will not wait long enough for the passenger to seek directions for the washroom, use it and return back,” pointed out Vijaya Shetty, a passenger.

Alternative facility essential

“Daily, buses ply from one area to another area. If it comes to the bus stand, the staff has the opportunity of only two minutes. By that time, they should complete essential work. The work started with the excuse of repair has not been completed even after a week. Those who are entitles to provide alternative facility are sitting with their eyes closed,” said Robert Pais, secretary of city bus emergency service committee

Article by Trupti Kumragodu translated into English by Aaron Dmello

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