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No hands, No legs, mother refused to look at the face as soon as he was born, but later...

Today in this article we are going to tell you one such anecdote, which will inspire you a lot. We are talking about Nicholas James.

No hands, No legs, mother refused to look at the face as soon as he was born, but later...
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For your information, let us tell you that the person seen in the picture without hands & feet is Nicholas James. It was 1982 when Nicholas was born in Australia. But when Nicholas' condition was revealed to his mother, he refused to see his face. Nicholas never gave up even after facing so many difficulties in life.

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Today, after 34 years, Nicholas has become an example for the people. Let me tell you that many people call Nicholas as Nick. Nicholas is an author who has written many books that people become very fat after reading them. Nicholas has written more than 6 Best Seller Motivational Books so far. There is no work that a normal man & Nick cannot do

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Nick got married 3 years ago. His wife is proud that Nick is her partner. Since 2005, Nick has been running an NGO called 'Life Without Lives', not only this but the government also spurs it a lot. Through this, he creates a hope among the disabled, desperate people around the world.

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salute to this woman......she proves love is love.....

27 Days ago


Great 👌 it refers to one of best and fine folks and their humanity

27 Days ago


Nick God Bless You and moreover his company is more excellent

27 Days ago

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