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New Ducati Multistrada 1260 GT Incoming Likely To Pack Radar-based Tech

  • The upcoming Multistrada 1260 GT will be the brand’s hardcore tourer.
  • Consequently, touring-friendly accessories are likely to be offered as standard.
  • The radar-based technology is also expected to be featured in the upcoming Multistrada V4.
New Ducati Multistrada 1260 GT Incoming Likely To Pack Radar-based Tech

Ducati had announced that its bikes will pack radar-assisted technology way back in April 2018, and the brand was caught testing the feature in the Multistrada 1200 earlier. Now, leaked documents from the American Environmental Protection Agency have revealed that a new variant, the Multistrada 1260 GT, is in the offing. Connecting the dots, it is likely that the radar-assisted tech could debut in the upcoming variant.

There are two radar modules: one up front and one at the back. The modules sense the speed of the vehicle ahead and will modulate the cruise control function of the bike accordingly. One of the functions of the rear radar is to detect blind spots and also alert the rider of incoming vehicles at high speed from behind. Other core features of the Multistrada 1260 GT are likely to be panniers (sides and top), a larger windshield and fuel tank, heated grips, Ducati SkyHook semi-active suspension apart from regular electronic aids like traction control, multiple rider modes, cornering ABS, etc.

The Multistrada range is well-known to be proper road-biased adventure tourer (with the exception of Enduro models) and the upcoming variant is likely to be the flagship bike. Sure, the Multistrada Pikes Peak is currently the top-of-the-line bike. However, it is likely to be discontinued now that the authorities have banned motorcycles from racing Pikes Peak after the death of Carlin Dunne astride the Streetfighter V4.

The Ducati Multistrada 1260 GT is likely to debut just before this year’s EICMA show and it could be launched in India next year. In related news, the Multistrada V4 was spotted testing recently, and this motorcycle is also expected to feature radar-based technology. Stay tuned for more updates!

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