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Negative Things About Online Dating

Negative Things About Online Dating

Dating has long ceased to be what it is in the traditional sense. True, people do meet in person and do try to find an emotional connect that would probably blossom into a long lasting relationship, but in today’s times, the whole equation of finding love has changed. The advent of technology, or more specifically the internet, has changed our lives in more ways than one. Social networking has become rampant. Searching for information has become child’s play. And finding love has just become a tad easier by the several online dating websites that are now available at your service. While online dating may be a wonderful idea to find like-minded people and it may also have worked for some, one cannot overlook its drawbacks. Listed below are the 7 negative things about online dating you must know.

1.It is not the same as dating in person: While dating normally refers to the meeting of two people and trying to discover each other and the possibility of a long lasting relationship, online dating actually goes a step further and makes your options far wider. You can now choose from a number of options available depending upon your preferences and likes. But while this may be wonderful to think about, it is definitely not the same thing as meeting someone in person. While online dating, all you are seeing is the digital persona of an entity who may not even be a man!

2.It is less likely to last long: Online dating is least likely to last long because of the sheer options that are available. Persons have become commodities on these online dating websites and if you don’t like one, you can just move on to another. Sometimes, you judge a person just by one little picture he may have posted on his profile. Due to such weird depravity, you never really get to know someone unless you meet him in person.

3.It overemphasizes upon looks: All you are interested in while dating online is how the person looks. This may seem regressive at the onset, but this is just how the human psychology works. Knowing how he looks is only as close as you can get to meeting him in person. While the written word could only spark your imagination, knowing how he looks enables your mind to build a mental image of the person and animate him in your mind to get the feel of meeting a real person. This happens with everybody and even those who pretend that “looks do not matter” eventually only seek to check out a picture that would unveil more about the person’s appearance. Inner beauty, personality, character and other inward traits are foolishly disregarded.

4.It lacks integrity and safety: There is no integrity when it comes to online dating. Breaking someone’s heart does not seem too difficult, being rude is easy and abusing someone is so simple because you never have to face that person in real. Also, there is no honesty – you can just ignore someone, you may choose not to reply to somebody’s message, you may block someone permanently and you can even pretend that you were too busy while actually you were just ignoring someone. What is possible in the digital world may not be possible in the real world which is what makes online dating so farcical. Also, there are stalkers and voyeurs who create profiles on these dating websites just to satiate their needs. One must be very careful not to fall into the trap of someone who may be pretending to be someone he is not.

5.It has no place for insecurity and fidelity: Insecurity is a natural emotion which every individual feels. When it comes to a relationship, insecurity is said to be beneficial as it brings two individuals closer to each other. And before we consider the negatives of insecurity, we must note that in case of online dating, insecurity is not only absent, it is not possible to evoke. This is because you never know the person at the other end – all you are aware of is a digital image he has created for the world to see – you do not have any intimate passage to rely upon. The same goes for the question of trustworthiness. As long as you do not really know someone, you cannot blame him for infidelity, nor are you bound in any way to be loyal to him.

6.It has no place for trust: While dating online, you really cannot trust anyone because everyone will behave and act on his whims and will fancy you as one of the several other ‘profiles’ at their disposal. So it is not really you who is interacting with them – it is a counterfeit image of yours that they are talking to and judging.

7.True love is not possible: As far as online dating is concerned, true love is impossible. It is a different matter if you fall in love with someone you meet online after meeting him in person. But till the time you only see the digital persona of someone and try to decide whether he could be a prospective partner or not, you are only fooling yourself.

These are the negative things about online dating to know.

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