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Money is not everything, says folk artiste Ratan Kahar after Badshah sends Rs 5 lakh for Baro Loker Beti Lo

Money is not everything, says folk artiste Ratan Kahar after Badshah sends Rs 5 lakh for Baro Loker Beti Lo

In the last few days, the music industry has been battling with the questions of remakes and remixes. One such controversy along the same lines involved Indian rapper Badshah and his track Genda Phool. The song instantly became a fan favourite number with his Bengali tadka.

However, later people started slamming the rapper for taking away a popular Bengali song Boro Loker Beti Lo without permission from the folk artiste Ratan Kahar. Badshah took to social media to clarify that he had tried to find the original composer but due to the coronavirus outbreak, it was a tough task for him.

Check out the song right here:

He shared a statement that read, "Whosoever has tweeted me and all those who made this documentary and his well-wishers, I want you to reach out to Ratan Kahar and tell him that I am here and he can reach out to me, I would love to help him. I have heard he is struggling financially and I want all my friends from the fraternity to support folk artistes. We had however done our due diligence before releasing the song, and nowhere on any copyright societies or on any of the previous reprises/versions of the song was MR Ratan Kahar credited as lyricist. Information all across say that 'Boro Loker Beti Lo' is a traditional/folk song from the Bauls of Bengal. Just for general information, traditional songs are open for recreations, reprises, sampling globally."

Take a look at the entire statement right here:

Later, reports emerged that he paid the singer Rs 5 lakhs for the song. In an interaction with PTI, Ratan Kahar confirmed the news and said, "Yes, my son has confirmed Rs 5 lakh from Badshah has entered my bank account. But money is not everything, I am happy as he has credited me as the composer of the lyrics boro Loker Beti Lo" which he had weaved in his music video Genda Phool. I want to leave behind any controversy."

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only 5laks . were badshah earned cr. shame

2 Months ago


Atleast he credited the original lyricist. There are composers who take songs without permission.

2 Months ago


Song churaya aur khud kamaya ye galat hain

23 Days ago

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