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Money in the Bank 2019: 5 Mistakes that WWE cannot make at Money in the Bank

WWE needs a near perfect night at Money in the Bank, but they could make some mistakes.

Money in the Bank 2019: 5 Mistakes that WWE cannot make at Money in the Bank
If WWE wants to rectify its ratings woes, several things cannot happen at Money in the Bank.

While WrestleMania 35 and the Superstar Shake Up essentially rebooted the entire company in terms of champions and roster moves, the first PPV to follow both events is Money in the Bank.

MITB is already one of the most anticipated shows of the year due to the unpredictability of the ladder matches. It also allows the potential for different stars to move one step closer to becoming top champions in the company.

WWE needs to really hit a home run with the first PPV after 'Mania and there are several things that could help the company going forward. Choosing the right people to win the briefcases is the first thing that WWE will either completely muffle or hit the mark.

Matches like the women's title matches and the WWE and Universal Championship matches could have outcomes that potentially hinder the WWE even further if champions lose the titles they just recently won. Since the WWE needs to nail practically every match this Sunday, here are five mistakes that WWE cannot afford to make at the Money in the Bank PPV.

# 5 Kofi Kingston and/or Seth Rollins lose titles

It's too soon for either Kingston or Rollins to lose their titles.

Both Kingston and Rollins won their titles at WrestleMania 35. That was a month ago. Since they both literally became champions a little over a month ago, it would be detrimental to both men to book have either champion drop their title.

WWE invested several months in building up the story behind Kingston's journey to the title. He finally reached the top of the mountain after 11 years in the company. And as for Rollins, his storyline practically lasted throughout the entirety of 2018 as Brock Lesnar held the Universal Championship.

Beating Lesnar was a huge milestone in WWE history and the man who was picked to beat him was not going to be taken lightly. It's why only Rollins and Roman Reigns have been allowed to topple 'the Beast' over the last year.

Having either Kingston or Rollins lose their titles in any fashion at MITBwould damage the credibility of either man and is something that should happen much later in the year. The shock value of a cash-in would be a surprise, but not all surprises are good.

#4 A former winner wins a second briefcase

Orton cashed his briefcase in on Daniel Bryan back in 2013.

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made in any Money in the Bank ladder match is having a former winner claim another briefcase. If the same people are always featured in the title scene and nothing new changes, it becomes boring and stagnant.

Since there are two ladder matches, there are two potential chances for WWE to pick the wrong winners. While I don't think either match will be won by someone who has already claimed a briefcase in the past, I wouldn't put it past the WWE to have Randy Orton or Baron Corbin win another briefcase.

Both Orton and Corbin are heels and both top champions are faces. That would suggest that whomever wins the ladder match for the men will likely be heels. Corbin is loathed by the fans and it's not because he's a fantastic heel. He's just not exciting in the veins of someone like Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn or even heel CM Punk.

And Randy Orton is representative of the older generation in the company. If he's booked to win again, it will stamp out any chance of someone new and exciting getting an opportunity. I think if someone like Finn Balor, Ricochet or Andrade won it would be exponentially more exciting and better for WWE than if Orton or Corbin won again.

#3 Becky Lynch becomes 'Becky No Belts'

'Becky Two Belts' is still in the middle of her run atop the WWE.

Becky Lynch's popularity skyrocketed after she lost to Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam last year. It perpetuated the fact that Flair was favored backstage and that she would always be ahead of Lynch in the pecking order.

What WWE ironically mismanaged was that the fans cheered Lynch's attack of Flair after the match rather than boo her. You cannot force the fans to react the way you want them to and Lynch's ascent in 2018 was organic and proof of that.

It wouldn't be surprising if Lynch loses one of her titles. But with so much build to her rise to the top of the WWE, it would be ten steps backward to book her to lose both of the titles. By winning the first-ever main event of 'Mania featuring women, Lynch was immortalized.

She will need to drop one of the titles in the near future, however, so that one of the divisions can move on. Booking her to 'shockingly' drop both titles would not only seem like a waste of nearly half a year's build but also a move of desperation. That's not the way to get fans to come back to the product.

Lynch needs to retain one of her titles at the PPV and hold it for a long time. Otherwise, those ratings will continue to plummet and the promises the Authority made at the end of 2018 will continue to seem like empty ones.

#2 Having Shane McMahon beat the Miz again

The Miz needs a win to reestablish some credibility.

Shane McMahon's matches are often novelty acts due to his willingness to put his body through any amount of punishment for the fans. But a caveat of a McMahon match is that he shouldn't beat any of the top stars he faces.

He didn't beat the Undertaker or AJ Styles, but he has defeated Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn and the Miz at various WrestleManias. The Miz is being positioned as one of the top faces of Raw after the Superstar Shake Up, and he already did the honors for Shane McMahon this year.

Having the Miz lose a second match in a row to the son of 'The Chairman' will make him look more like a hapless loser than a believable threat to any heel. It would be like Bray Wyatt's former character having lost all credibility, but on a smaller scale.

Another factor to consider is if the feud is to continue past MITB, the Miz needs to walk out of the PPV with a win in his pocket. There might be any number of interfering superstars (Elias, Bobby Lashley, B -Team), but when all is said and done, a Miz win needs to happen.

#1 Charlotte Flair wins the SmackDown Women's Title in any fashion

Two weeks before WrestleMania 35, Flair beat Asuka for the SmackDown Women's title.

Charlotte Flair is the New York Yankees or New England Patriots of the WWE. She's always winning titles one way or another and if you are a fan of her or those teams, then it doesn't bother you. I'm admittedly a Patriots fan because I live in the state that the Pats call home, Massachusetts.

I understand the hate that comes with my team winning more titles than some teams have even had playoff appearances. It's why I started to dislike the Cowboys in the 1990s and the Yankees as well.

Flair has won eight titles on the main roster. She will some day eclipse her father's 16 title reigns because WWE is behind it and can control her title reigns. But title wins like her last one, right before the Show of Shows, do more damage than good to the women of the company. That win was done to throw another log on an already searing fire that was the main event of WrestleMania.

I wouldn't put it past WWE to have Flair beat Lynch so that they can call her a nine-time champion. It would be another step towards her record but it wouldn't surprise me either if she beats Lynch for the belt but then loses it right away due to a cash-in.

They'd still be able to claim that she won a ninth title but it would be a cheap way to do it. When the records aren't mentioned, it makes people worry about them less. When Rollins won the title but lost it on the same night due to a Dean Ambrose cash-in, it wasn't a huge deal that he lost it right away. He and the rest of the Shield all had a few title reigns.

Flair needs another title reign like the USA Network needs another pointless reality series like the Chrisleys or the upcoming one with some other Southern loud-mouth. Having Flair claim another belt simply to increase an already gaudy number would be counter-productive as there are several women who would benefit from beating Lynch more than Flair.

How big a win would it be if someone like Mandy Rose, Ember Moon or even Sonya Deville were the one to take the title off of 'the Man'? The fact is, Flair is already a star and someone else getting the honor would better serve the WWE.

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