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Mistakes you make when you remove your makeup and may be getting older

1. You do not remove makeup

It seems obvious, but the most common mistake and that has probably made more people is not to remove makeup. "Who has not ever gone to bed with makeup and has washed his face the next day. Leaving makeup on all night makes cell renewal difficult of the skin that takes place while we sleep and replace the dead cells with new cells. If we do not remove the makeup, the skin does not regenerate well and looks more dull, dry and more aged .

Mistakes you make when you remove your makeup and may be getting older
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2. Always resort to wipes

Another mistake we make, sometimes because of laziness, is to resort to make-up remover wipes , because we think they are better than not removing makeup, although deep down we know that it is not the best way to remove it, wipes contain numerous preservatives that can irritate the skin, other chemical ingredients necessary to preserve its formula and, for the most part, do not include cleansing agents. “So by using them we are only spreading makeup all over the face and not cleaning. The consequences would be similar to those of not removing makeup.

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3. Do not double clean

By not cleaning the skin deeply, makeup remains remain on the skin, which will also prevent cell renewal. It is very important to know how to clean and remove your face to keep the skin young, bright and healthy.

4. Use products that are not suitable for our skin

It is important to know how to choose which product we need and consult an expert if we have doubts. In case of irritation, it is recommended to stop using this product, as this can lead to inflammation that ends up causing hyper-pigmentation of the skin.

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5. Excessive cleaning

People to whom the double cleaning does not seem enough and performs another third or fourth cleaning. Error. Excessive cleaning is done to remove any contamination, makeup or dirt until the skin is flawless. Do not abuse cleaning because we break the lipid mantle of the skin whose main function is to protect the skin from external agents such as solar radiation and pollution. If we break the lipid mantle, the dermis dries out and cracks. You have to choose appropriate cleansers so as not to dehydrate the skin and thus keep the skin illuminated and delay the appearance of wrinkles.

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