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Mazda's first electric car to reportedly debut at Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda's first electric car to reportedly debut at Tokyo Motor Show
The first electric Mazda might be right around the corner. Jon Wong/Roadshow

has long championed driving dynamics as a core competency (remember "Driving Matters?"), but the brand will reportedly dip its toes into the brave new world of electric cars next month.

The Japanese automaker will supposedly use the Tokyo Motor Show next month to debut its first electric car. The unnamed Mazda EV will reportedly come as both a pure electric car and with a range-extending internal-combustion engine, according to . The publication named a spokesperson who confirmed the news, though Mazda wasn't immediately available to comment and confirm the news with Roadshow.

The vehicle will reportedly not be related to any current Mazda vehicle and will instead show up as a "brand new model." There's no word on what form it will take, but it seems pretty likely to be a crossover or SUV of sorts with compact proportions. The world can't get enough utility vehicles.

The reported information also claims Japan, China and Europe will be target markets. In North America, the range-extending engine is supposedly a high priority. That reported nugget of information seems to tease the fact this electric car will not have hundreds of miles of range. Speaking of the range extender, it's likely it will mark the return of the rotary engine at Mazda. This time, it'll have a far different purpose, however.

Should we see the electric car bow next month, Mazda reportedly wants to begin selling the car as early as next year. Stay tuned.

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