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Married to a boy who dated for 10 years

Hello friends and welcome to our channel. Friends, very few people get true love in today's era. If we talk about the film world, then we all know that Bollywood or TV world keeps on coming here.

Married to a boy who dated for 10 years
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Connecting and breaking up someone's relationship has become very common here. So there are also stars who have become the example of love. Today we will tell you about one such actress in this post. Who dated a boy for 10 years and then married him.

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Friends, this actress is named Soumya Tandon . Saumya Tandon is a very beautiful and popular actress in TV world. Soumya Tandon plays Anita Bhabhi in the serial 'Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai'.

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Soumya Tandon married businessman Saurabh Devendra Singh in the year 2016. They also have a son. Soumya and Saurabh dated each other for 10 years before not. Only after this both of them decided to get married.

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Friends, Saumya Tandon did not have a relationship with anyone else despite being in the glare of the TV industry. Rather her old friend whom she has been dating for 10 years. He married her only. This is an example for all. This is why people like this actress even more.

Friends, what is your opinion about Soumya Tandon? Will definitely tell us by commenting below.

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kya angrazy he.......award milny chahiye

1 Months ago


come to me babe i will show u heaven

1 Months ago


anguri is morebeautiful than soumya

1 Months ago

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