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Manoj Tiwari's wife is so beautiful, God has made her with lots of benevolence

Friends, as you all know that the relationship between the Indian cricket team players and Bollywood actresses is very old. There have been many cricketers in the Indian cricket team who have married Bollywood actresses. And today we are going to tell you about such a beautiful cricketer of the Indian cricket team who is not a Bollywood actress, but her beauty is not less than anyone, then let us know about that cricketer and his beautiful wife Huh.

Manoj Tiwari's wife is so beautiful, God has made her with lots of benevolence
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Friends, the best cricketer of the Indian cricket team that we are talking about is none other than cricketer Manoj Tiwari, who has played a few matches for the Indian team, besides Manoj Tiwari is seen playing a great match in the IPL. Please tell that Manoj Tiwari married Sushmita Rao in the year 2013 and currently his wife Sushmita Rao has turned 29, but despite being so old, she looks very beautiful and stylish.

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Sushmita Rao has millions of fan following on social media. Sushmita always shares her beautiful pictures on social media, which the audience loves a lot and her beautiful pictures go viral the day they come.

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Talking about if Manoj Tiwari's international cricket career, he has been out of the Indian team for a long time, but his performance in IPL has been excellent and his IPL career is very good. The pair of Manoj Tiwari and his beautiful wife Sushmita Rao are very famous in the cricket world and the audience likes the pair very much.

Friends, how did you like the pictures of cricketer Manoj Tiwari's beautiful wife, please tell us your valuable opinion in the comment box.

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Is it Rinkiya? 😂😂😂

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