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Malaika Arora: Nightwear makes me feel so much of a woman

Malaika Arora: Nightwear makes me feel so much of a woman

Actress-model-TV hostess Malaika Arora opens up her closet to Anita Raheja-Heena Agarwal

My favourite outfit: A pair of jeans. I love wearing jeans because I can give them a casual as well as a semi formal look. My tops keep changing depending on my mood. I could pick up anything from my cupboard when I wake up in the morning.

For evening wear: I would choose an Armani suit or a sari if it’s an award function. I love wearing saris for film functions; they look classy and elegant. A salwar-kameez is also perfect for formal occasions

Night wear: I take extra effort while picking up my night wear. It makes me feel so much of a woman.

I look best in: A sari, I can really carry it off well. I love authentic saris like Banarasi and chiffons.

My favourite brands: Armani followed by Prada, Gucci and Versace.

My favourite colours: Red, black and white. In winter, I prefer beige and neutral colours.

I have a fetish for: Shoes. I have over 200 pairs for shoes. I don’t pick up shoes from India as I feel they haven’t mastered the art of making them. Occasionally, however, I do pick up a pair from Rinaldi in town.

In handbags my favourite brand is: Dior, Gucci, Fendi.

My handbag contains: Credit cards, a wallet, a dairy, a mobile and its charger. I love carrying large bags so that everything fits in.

My wardrobe is incomplete without: Colour co-ordinated clothes. Every piece I own has a history behind it. A lot of love goes behind every bag and shoe I buy.

For my first day’s shoot I wore: A chaniya choli and for my first MTV shoot I wore a red bustier and a flaming red hot skirt.

According to me, the best-dressed men are: Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh and Kabir Bedi.

According to me, the best-dressed women are: Besides myself, I like the way Amrita Arora and Victoria Beckham dress.

I love shopping at: Los Angeles and New York. Sometimes I pick up stuff from flea markets too. In London and New York, they always have the uptown and downtown shops

The most expensive outfit I have bought: A Gucci gown and a close second would be my black Armani suit.

My favourite perfume: Gucci Envy. I don’t like to change my perfume too often.

My fashion tip: Create your own personal style, wear what you are comfortable in and don’t try to be somebody else. One should wear the latest trends only if one is able to carry it off.

Length: I like my hair really long.

Hair colour: I like to experiment with colour. Red hair looks great on Indian skin. I also like nice rich chocolate tresses.

I like to highlight my hair: Bronze, copper and gold.

My hairstyle at home is: Simple. I like to tie up my hair. I hate doing anything fancy to my hair. My hair is very manageable and whatever you do to it, it stays. But when I am shooting, I experiment occasionally.

My hairstyle for formal functions: I like to leave my hair loose.

A man whose hair I admire is: (Singer) Shaan. His hair is so silky, I tell him he has no business to have such beautiful hair.

Hair care: I oil my hair twice a week, I make my own oil at home. I don’t like to wash my hair too often because it gets really dry, so I wash it only if it’s greasy. I use a really mild shampoo. Once in a while, I deep condition my hair.

When I am not shooting: I hate using make-up. I just use a moisturiser. I believe in a fresh, clean, natural, radiant look–it is the best. I really don’t have problematic skin so my make-up is minimal.

The feature I accentuate: My eyes and my lips. I love using mascara as I really have long eyelashes. I also use a nice blusher to highlight my cheeks.

My favourite shades in make-up are: Bronze, fresh pink, peach, orange and brown.

My make-up tip: Your inner state reflects on your skin. So you should live a stress-free life.

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