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MNS leaders doubt if Sharad Pawar’s backing can help party in Lok Sabha polls

MNS leaders doubt if Sharad Pawar’s backing can help party in Lok Sabha polls

Mumbai: The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena is still in dilemma about contesting the Lok Sabha polls as the party has no network of committed supporters and cadre. However, people close to party chief Raj Thackeray, fears if support of Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar will really help the party to show its strength in LS polls.

According to MNS insider, party should focus on civic polls in Mumbai in 2022 instead of LS and assembly polls. Raj is busy nowadays in distributing invitation cards for his son Amit’s marriage scheduled on January 27. Whereas, the party cadre is busy in planning the preparation of the polls. “We are not ready to contest the Lok Sabha polls. Whatever the reports shown in media that NCP chief Pawar has offered MNS to contest one LS seat from Mumbai, is not true,” revealed one of closest aid of Raj.

He said that the party has no committed supporters at this position on which the party can rely upon and contest the polls. “We are gathering and binding the party workers under the umbrella of MNS. During last four years, lots of party workers left or joined another political parties. We have concentrated on those who are left now.”

“Lok Sabha and assembly is far away for us. But, closeness between Pawar and Raj is not a good sign for us. We know, Pawar use and throw MNS for his own political gains,” claimed the leader. He further said, “If we will not contest LS polls, our actual strength will remain hidden. On the contrary, we know, we will lose the LS polls, and that will be big set back for the party.”

“If Raj wants to contest assembly, he should focus on limited seats, say 50 or below. We can concentrate on these seats and there would be possibility to win at least few seats. It will be big achievement for the party in current situation,” he said. The party leader recalled the think tank opposed party decision to contest 203 out of total 227 seats in BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and could won just seven seats. “As of today, these corporators have joined Shiv Sena. One of legislator from Junnar is not with us now,” he recalled.

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