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Lucky day for some sunsign on 13 January

Lucky day for some sunsign on 13 January
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Aries: By no means are you rigid in your thinking or approach to organising and keeping plans. Yet the suddenness and extent of the changes you’re forced to make over the coming week could be seriously annoying if not upsetting. Still, at least explore them. Within moments you’ll realise how wise even dramatic changes are.

Taurus: Inspiring as recent discussions were, you’ve now reached the point at which you’ll have to define and discuss any contentious issues. Tempting as it is to focus on explaining why your ideas are best, at least listen to what others have to say. You’ll be both surprised and impressed by their suggestions.

Gemini: When certain individuals made it clear they’re up to date on facts that aren’t just important, but crucial, you hoped that was true. However, since you haven’t had time to investigate futher, you just had to trust them. Not only were they more than adequately informed, you’re seriously impressed by their knowledge.

Cancer: Allowing some element of your life that once meant a great deal to slip away seems worrying. Yet, you can’t deny the fact this is devouring your time and, equally, is unsettling but giving very little back. If it’s meant to be a part of your existence, it will return, although possibly in another form.

Leo: Life would be much easier if you could simply make plans, then take action, step by step. But judging by the current powerful aspects to Uranus, planet of innovation and the unexpected, frequent yet thrilling changes are inevitable. Knowing that, instead of battling whatever changes arise, go along with them.

Virgo: Although every sign is influenced by Mercury’s retrograde cycle, which begins on 3 December, because it’s your ruling planet, you tend to become more frustrated by the confusion it triggers. Unsettling as this is, what you learn in the process of untangling those issues will be as informative as it is surprising.

Libra: Progress in one side of your life can mean experiencing setbacks in another, or so these events may seem at the moment. Instead of battling these, do nothing, at least for a few days. You may well discover that the resulting changes aren’t just timely, they’re prompting a well needed edit of your commitments.

Scorpio: Facts may be exactly that, facts. Yet certain individuals you’re close to, personally or in professional alliances, simply refuse to face the truth. Waste no time arguing with them. Simply do whatever needs to be done without their agreement. They’ll soon realise life’s moving on without them, and they’ve no choice.

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