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Lok Sabha 2019, Indo-Pak relations, Economy: Tracking India's horoscope through an almanac

It seems both India and Pakistan share the same traditional moon sign - Makar rashi or Capricorn. But the two nations have rather different futures astrologically foretold for them.

Horoscopes are enticing. They know exactly what we want: A little bit of validation with a sprinkling of hope here and there. Then there lies a little warning, which says nothing beyond inevitable truths of lives, like — if you are splurging now, you will have to repent in the middle of the year. Wow!

But still, horoscopes are the best.

And in search of the best among the best, I recently picked up a Bengali almanac (the most popular one) a month ahead of the New Year (Bengali New Year falls either on April 14 or 15).

And my life wasn't the same. Literally.

Lok Sabha 2019, Indo-Pak relations, Economy: Tracking India's horoscope through an almanac
According to the almanac, the country’s present situation is not stable. (Photo: DailyO)

Now, all those who don’t know the differences between sun signs and moon signs, there’s no need to go into all that nitty-gritty now. We all know that our signs in English (sun signs) are different from those written on our birth charts (moon sign).

This much knowledge is enough for now.

India’s moon sign is Makar — which translates to Capricorn. According to the almanac, the country’s present situation — economic and political — is not stable. Economic reforms have not borne the desired results. So, the Opposition will be united. It may so happen that no party gets an absolute majority in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. (Sounds more like an exit poll, though).

Then there are some roundabout astrological sentences like — there may be a spike in terror incidents, but the government will be able to deftly tackle terrorism. Agriculture will flourish if there’s no major natural calamity, etc.

The verdict is out. (Photo: DailyO)

If you check out India’s horoscope, how can you miss Pakistan’s?

And, guess what, both India and Pakistan fall under Makar rashi. (No idea whether the birth charts were written on August 15, 1947).

According to the almanac, the present government of Pakistan will try to better its ties with India — but terrorist groups will pose a challenge to that (LOL). There will be no solution to the Kashmir issue.

The relationship with China will become more cordial. Other Muslim countries, too, will be there for Pakistan. There will be terror strikes (so easy to predict though apparently impossible to prevent), perhaps even natural calamities.

But, most importantly, Pakistan would do good in international sports, it has been prophesised.

So, is this more of general knowledge, copy-pasting from last year, or just wish-fulfillment? I don't know.

But I didn't check my horoscope after this one.

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