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Lockdown Impact: Demand and sales of condoms touches sky

Lockdown Impact: Demand and sales of condoms touches sky

As most of the world is under lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand of condoms in the market is growing in double digits. The sale of condoms has increased many times. The global markets are facing shortage of condoms as the supply has almost stopped due to lockdowns. As per reports, around 3 billion people are forced to stay in home due to lockdowns.

Within the last number of days sale of condom and contraceptives have touch the sky. Many sellers have seen a rise in sale nearly 30% to 50% last few days.

A international media reported that world’s largest condom producing company has said that they were forced to stop production, due to lockdown. Malaysian company Karex Bhd has informed this.

Karex Bhd produces one in five condoms globally. Due to lockdown, the company did not produce a single condom in its three Malaysian factories for more than a week. There is already a shortage of 100 million condoms .

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