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Kundali Bhagya: Rishabh, Dadi tell Kareena not to disrespect Preeta

Kundali Bhagya: Rishabh, Dadi tell Kareena not to disrespect Preeta

MUMBAI: One of the most popular television shows, Kundali Bhagya has kept the audience hooked to the television screens. It is currently one of the most watched television shows. The ongoing track is unfolding a lot of twists and turns.    

Here’s an update for all the loyal viewers of the television series. The episode sees how Preeta and Sarla talk about a promise where the former tells the latter that she has not given her permission yet and has just taken a promise. Sarla finallly sends her to the Luthra house. Sherlyn tries to make Mahira understand to remove Preeta from her way. Mahira gets shocked after hearing this from Sherlyn. Kareena gets angry on everyone for trusting Preeta and asking her help. Rishabh takes Preeta’s side while Karan tells him that he will go and bring Preeta home. 

Rishabh and Dadi tell Kareena not to disrespect Preeta when she comes. Preeta arrives at the Luthra house and stumbles but Karan holds her. Mahira sees them together and gets tensed. Meanwhile, Shristi and Sameer tease each other and get involved in a fun banter. But suddenly Sarla and Janki arrive there and they hide from the two of them. Preeta checks for Dadi's wounds. Rishabh thanks her for the same. 

Sarla's purse falls down and Janaki bends down to pick that up post which finds Shristi and Sameer hiding from them. Preeta calls Shristi and informs her that she is in the Luthra house. This makes both Shristi and Sameer happy and she hopes for the best to happen soon. It will be interesting to know what happens next on the show. Are you excited about the upcoming episodes?

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