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Kundali Bhagya: A furious Rishabh decides to teach a lesson to Prithvi

Kundali Bhagya: A furious Rishabh decides to teach a lesson to Prithvi

MUMBAI: The episode begins with Shrishty and Sameer bringing the plate full of flower petals for the wedding ceremony. Bijee arrives there. She gets upset with Shrishty for not calling her when Sherlyn ahd come. Shrishty makes Bijee calm down. She tells Bijee that Sameer helped them to prove that Preeta is innocent by bringing Rakhee with the real necklace. Bijee expresses her gratitude towards Sameer. He learns that no one wants Preeta to get married to Prithvi. He tries to take opinion of Bijee about her expectation of the suitable groom for Preeta. But gets disappointed with Bijee’s choice for Preeta to be Rishabh Luthra and not Karan Luthra. On the other hand, Rishabh drives faster to reach to the wedding hall to stop Preeta’s wedding. He finds a jeep parked in the middle of the road. He indulges into fight with the person sitting in the jeep as that person becomes adamant and tells Rishabh that he will not move his jeep.

The goon gets furious with Rishabh as Rishabh gives a tight slap to him. By the time the goon takes out a knife to attack on Rishabh, he hears the siren of police jeep. So he escapes from there. So Rishabh also goes on his way to the wedding hall. Meanwhile, Kritika inform Sameer about Rishabh going out of the house in anger. Sameer takes it lightly as he knew that Rishabh was angry with the doctor earlier. But Kritika shares that Rishabh was angry even after knowing that Mahesh is improving. Karan gets shocked as Kritika tells him that Rishabh intends to stop Preeta’s wedding. But he misunderstands that Rishabh might have learnt that Karan has disguised the groom for Preeta. But he wonders why Rishabh wants to stop Karan and Preeta’s wedding. On the other hand, Janki continues following Prithvi. She notices Prithvi doing something with a box. She assumes that he must have brought it to cancel Preeta’s wedding. Janki decides to steal the box somehow. Prithvi calls Raka, Janki overhears the call. Meanwhile, Rishabh feels guilty of not listening to Karan who wanted to expose the real face of Prithvi.

Rishabh tries to think about the reason behind Prithvi trying to harm his family. Rishabh gets very furious and decides to teach a lesson to Prithvi. On the other hand, Preeta still keeps on brooding about Karan. But Karan wants the wedding to take place faster. By that time Rishabh calls Karan. As Janki is trying to understand Prithvi’s plan while she sees his goons coming towards the room who intend to kidnap Karan. As Prithvi goes inside the washroom, Janki enters the room and hides herself in the wardrobe. Prithvi’s goons enter the room. Prithvi appreciates them for their look as servants. Janki gets shocked to see that. She learns that Prithvi must be having a master plan. Prithvi pretends of leaving from the room along with the goons. So Janki comes out of the wardrobe. But gets shattered to see Prithvi in front of her. Prithvi pretends of being a waiter and questions her about being in the wardrobe. Janki gets scared but tries to pretend that she by mistake slept in the wardrobe. Prithvi gets furious with Janki for being in the team of Karan for the wedding. Prithvi decides to lock Janki in the same room. Meanwhile, the priest asks Preeta and Karan to stand up for the holy seven rounds. Karan gives his hand to Preeta to get up. Preeta identifies the touch. Karan also gets reminded of the old memories.

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