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Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya asks Prachi if she had a fight with Rhea again

Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya asks Prachi if she had a fight with Rhea again

MUMBAI: The episode begins with Abhi and Vikram speaking about how Kohli has had to hear lectures for Abhi's sake. Even Pragya and Sarita are talking about the same thing. Pragya swears that she won't yell at someone anymore. Vikram continues to speak about how Pragya even complimented him for raising Rhea by assuming him to be Abhi. To this, Abhi states that he wished she recognised him when she was praising him. Their banter continues in front of Beeji. Sarita asks Pragya to go to Mr Mehra's house and meet Abhi but she refuses to do the same. Beeji also suggests the same thing to Abhi. He also agrees to do the same. Disha and Purab are stuck in the same car. As the driver leaves, Purab announces that he will drive the car. Disha gets out of the car and Purab asks her to sit in the car. But she refuses to sit because she doesn't want to be in the same car as him. Purab gives up and leaves her there itself. Prachi is freaking out because she cannot do ramp walks or any fashion things. Pragya asks Prachi if she had a fight with Rhea again. But Prachi and Sahana lie to her.

Pragya figures out that something is up and asks them to spill the truth. Prachi saves the scene by telling Pragya about her taking up a fashion show. Rhea is speaking to her friends when she admits that she is super jealous of Prachi because of her closeness with her father. Her friends state that they should get a wardrobe malfunction done of Prachi to humiliate her in front of the entire college. Rhea disagrees with the plan as she assumes it to be too low.

Disha gives Hrithik a call and she is happy to hear from him. They engage in banter and Purab returns with his car to help Disha out. She continues to rant about how she is stranded in the jungle. Just then Purab comes from behind and scares Disha which makes her drop her phone. Hrithik calls up again and asks Purab to drop Disha home for the sake of friendship and humanity. Disha agrees to take Purab's help. Hrithik assumes that perhaps it's because she likes him.

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