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Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi Assures Pragya That Nothing Will Affect Their Relation

Here is the latest update about all the recent happenings on Kumkum Bhagya; there are lots of twists and turns in the latest episode which aired on November 15

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi Assures Pragya That Nothing Will Affect Their Relation

In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we saw Aliya finding of Priyanka’s plan which could put Rhea in trouble. She stops Priyanka to manipulate Rhea’s mind. Priyanka was still seen going to Rhea and telling her that Ranbir is falling in love with Prachi and she needs to take revenge from her. Abhi thanks Meera for informing him about the incident. He also said that Priyanka might be involved in the plan to ruin Prachi’s life. Prachi decided to apologise Ranbir for being rude to him.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update: November 15, 2019

In yesterday's episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi gets a message from Pragya but he wasn’t aware that Anuradha is Pragya only. He decides to call her when suddenly Purab entered his room. He asks Abhi about where he is going. Abhi tells him about going to the court. Abhi also tells Purab that nothing is going on between Hritik and Disha. Purab tells him about his fight with Disha and Abhi laughs at his situation. Abhi tells him that after the court hearing, he will be going for dinner with Pragya and his brothers.

Purab wishes him luck. In the court, Pragya’s lawyer tells her that the judge handling their case is the best. Abhi’s lawyer came out of the court to do the settlement with Pragya. Pragya gets angry with him and asks him to get Priyanka punished, she also asked Rishi not to be stressed. Pragya and Abhi both feel delighted to see each other. Priyanka noticed Abhi’s reaction. Abhi tells Pragya that whatever happens in the court, nothing will affect their relationship. In the meantime, Rishi goes to fetch watch and Priyanka stops him. She asks him if he will marry her, but he gets mad at her instead. Priyanka asks him whether he loves Shahana. Rishi thinks for a while and says yes. Priyanka tells him that the judge will decide their fate now.

After that, both of them move inside the court for the hearing. Abhi wishes Pragya luck. Lawyers of both the case started debating. Pragya gets mad when Priyanka’s lawyer blames Rishi for molesting Priyanka. Rishi’s lawyer defends him and the public present makes fun of Priyanka’s situation. Abhi gets very angry and Pragya calms him down. Abhi asks the judge to throw the people out who commented on the issue. Abhi also said that Rishi is the culprit and the photo evidence are presented in front of the judge. Pragya reminds the lawyer about something and Abhi is called in the witness box. On the other hand, Aliya while getting ready notices that Purab is upset and trying to make a call. She questions Purab and he is annoyed by her.

Aliya asked whether Purab was at Disha’s place? Purab confessed that he felt like meeting Dish and he went to meet her. He pretended that Aliya did not believe him. Even after Aliya apologised Purab left from there. Aliya got mad but decides to handle the situation in an orderly manner without putting her relationship at risk. In the meantime, Pragya’s lawyer asked Abhi whether he knew that Rishi and Priyanka knew each other already. Abhi accepted that he did not call Rishi inside the cabin when the incident happened. Priyanka gets scared and Abhi is concerned about her. Pragya’s lawyer made the judge notice the difference between the injury marks of Priyanka being different in two pictures. Abhi also fnds it weird but Priyanka stars her melodrama and Abhi trusts her. Pragya’s lawyer also accused Abhi of beating up Rishi terribly in the lock-up. Will Priyanka’s truth be exposed? Stay tuned to know more.

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