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KumKum Bhagya Written Update: Will Ranbir Fall In Love With Prachi?

Here is the latest update about all the recent happenings on Kumkum Bhagya. There are lots of twists and turns in the latest episode which aired on November 13.

KumKum Bhagya Written Update: Will Ranbir Fall In Love With Prachi?

In the last episode of KumKum Bhagya, Ranbir asked Prachi to explain what happened with her and he gets to know that her drink was spiked. Abhi also reached and tried to find out the waiter who spiked Prachi’s drink. Pragya is still with Purab and Purab is explaining to her that he did not cheat on Disha with Aliya. Priyanka distracts everyone while Rhea helps the waiter to escape.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update: November 13, 2019

In tonight’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Purab was seen asking Pragya whether she believes him. Pragya ensures Purab that she does. Purab explained to Pragya that there was nothing between him and Aliya and everything was just misunderstood by Disha. However, Pragya told Purab that there must be some reason behind Disha leaving him and that he shouldn’t force her if she doesn’t want to stay with him. Purab explained that Disha didn’t tell him anything before leaving or he must have gone behind her. Meanwhile, Abhi called the police and lodged a complaint against the waiter. Rhea got very scared and started crying which made Aliya suspicious about her behaviour. Yet Aliya chose to pretend that Rhea is guilty of accusing Prachi. Abhi consoled Rhea. Ranbir came back empty-handed with the news that the waiter has managed to escape. Abhi felt sorry for Prachi but Prachi explained that she is grateful he trusted her.

While the guests are about to leave, Ranbir stopped everyone and asked everyone to apologise to Prachi especially Aliya for questioning her upbringing. Prachi stopped Ranbir but he didn't listen to Prachi. Even Abhi asked Aliya to apologise to her. Bijee and Suvarni Dadi also asked Priyanka, Dimpy and whoever blamed Prachi to apologise to her. Aliya apologised saying sorry for reacting towards whatever she saw. Prachi told everyone that her mother has raised her properly and got emotional about it. Abhi consoled her.

Rhea did not like it when Abhi told Prachi that he will drop her home and she pretended to be scared. So Abhi asked Ranbir to drop Prachi and Shahana home. Abhi also asked Sanju to go home. While Sanju stepped out of the house, some guests taunted him about his standards. Sanju got into an argument with them. Ranbir and Aryan arrived there and made the guests leave. Ranbir overheard Sanju saying the guests that Prachi likes him. Ranbir clarified it with Sanju saying that they only share the same home town and there is nothing between them. Parchi told Ranbir that how she knows Sanju since she was living in Hoshiarpur. Ranbir learned that Parchi doesn’t like Sanju much and asks him to stay away from her. While Sanju, on the other hand, lied to Prachi saying that he is leaving for Hoshiarpur the next day.

Ranbir asked Aryan to book Sanju's tickets and threatened to beat him if he doesn’t go back. But Sanju decided to come back and get Prachi. Meanwhile, Purab explained Pragya that Disha should have trusted him. Pragya replied saying that Disha must have become traumatised to see him with Aliya, she asked Purab to win her trust again. Abhi treated Rhea’s injuries as she got hurt with the Knife. Rhea felt that Abhi loves her more than Prachi. He made Rhea understand that she should have supported Prachi and ignore what people spoke about her. Abhi shared that Meera informed him about the situation and he came running home. Aliya overheard their conversation from far outside the room.

Meanwhile, Ranbir dropped Prachi and Sahana home. As the girls entered their house Sarita noticed that Prachi was upset but Sahana handled the situation by saying that she is tired. Prachi goes out of the house and found that Ranbir was waiting for her. She asked him why he helped her even though he hates her. Ranbir said that he couldn’t see her crying and for the first time they didn’t fight with each other. Prachi expressed her gratitude towards Ranbir. Is this the spark of love that is soon going to penetrate between them? Stay tuned to know more.

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