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Kohli’s clarification about MS Dhoni retirement, people takes in wrong way

Kohli’s clarification about MS Dhoni retirement, people takes in wrong way
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  • People saw my tweet on Ms Dhoni from wrong perspective: Kohli
  • Dhoni withdrew her name from the Windies tour after the World Cup.
  • Kohli shared a picture of Dhoni and his on social media

Indian team captain Virat Kohli has once again praised former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Saturday and said that there is no option for this 38-year-old player. Kohli also said that Dhoni has told many times that age is just a figure. After the World Cup, Dhoni withdrew from the Windies tour and now he is not even in the three-match T20 series against South Africa starting tomorrow.

In a press conference before the T20 series against South Africa, Kohli said, ‘Whether you believe it or not, experience always matters. Many players have proved in the past that age is just a figure. Even Dhoni has proved this many times in his career.

Kohli said, ‘One thing is best among them is that they always think about Indian cricket first. When to retire is their personal decision. Nobody should give their views on this issue. Dhoni came under the scanner of critics for his slow batting during the World Cup. Many former players said that Dhoni should retire now. Kohli also shared the news of his retirement by sharing a picture of Dhoni and himself on social media a few days ago, which was later rejected by Dhoni’s wife Sakshi.

Kohli said about his intention behind putting that photo, ‘There was nothing like this in my mind. I was sitting in my house and uploading photos. Meanwhile, I uploaded that photo. That photo became news again. It was a lesson to me that this world does not think what I think about myself. He said, ‘That match was special for me. I had never talked about it openly, so I uploaded that photo, but people took it otherwise.

Regarding the series against South Africa, Kohli said, ‘We want to give opportunity to those players who have done well in domestic cricket, T20 and IPL in the last two years. It is a matter of finding different combinations for the team, rather than staying on one type of things.If other teams can bat till No.9 then why don’t we? Whatever decisions have been taken are taken by looking at the future. He said, ‘The initial two or three T20 series will give us a chance to test every situation. Definitely is the roadmap of T20 World Cup -2020 in our mind

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