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Know how cholesterol can be controlled

Know how cholesterol can be controlled
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Reduce cholesterol

Cholesterol, a problem that is becoming more common now. Lowering cholesterol means correct treatment of heart disease, some home remedies for cholesterol reduction are given here-

Cholesterol is less than eating empty garlic every morning.

Every day, eating 50 grams raw guar leaves empty stomach becomes less cholesterol in the blood.

- Start sprouting sprouts.

- Must use soybean oil, this is also a remedy.

- Garlic, onion, its juice is useful.

Like lemon, amla, take it every day as well.

- Do not drink alcohol or any intoxication, avoid.

- Oil of Isabgol seeds half a teaspoon twice a day

If you drink milk, put a little cinnamon in it), cholesterol will be control.

- At night, soak two coriander seeds in a glass of water. Drink water by shaking morning. Coriander also chewed and swallowed.

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