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Know here when, why and who made India's India Gate

Friends, many of you must have gone to India Gate, some of you may be thinking to visit there. And the person who comes to visit Delhi definitely go to India Gate once or twice. But friends do you know, who made India Gate? Why it was made? And when it made? If not, then today we will tell you about this, let's know.

Know here when, why and who made India's India Gate
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Friends India Gate's real name or full name is All India War Memorial. The height of India Gate is 83 meters, it is built as a tribute to the martyr of 70,000 Indian-British soldiers. 70,000 Indian soldiers sacrificed their lives during the First World War and the Afghan War. The British government had built this monument to pay tribute to these soldiers.

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This monument was designed by Sir Edward Lutyens, this monument design was inspired by the Arc de Triomphe of Paris. This monument was built in 1931. The India Gate complex, built in about 625 meters in diameter, covers an area of ​​approximately 306,000 square meters. Which is very gorgeous and beautiful.

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In 2014, the Indian government had announced to build a National War Memorial around India Gate, spending Rs. 500 crores and also announced the National War Museum. And the work of this memorial has already been completed in 2019, although the construction of the museum has not yet been completed.

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Oooh thanks for sharing this article📰 really good knowledge to me

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Indian Government built statue of unity to show off !!

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whey only gate....where is the wall .????

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