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Know These Brilliant Hacks To Remove Nail Paint Without Using Nail Remover

Know These Brilliant Hacks To Remove Nail Paint Without Using Nail Remover

Every woman desires to have a bright and colorful-looking nail paint on her nails. Having perfectly painted nailsis a beautiful sight that enhances the look even more. However, do you know how to remove nail paint without using a nail polish remover? Many of them think nail paint is the least cared forproduct in the market; and if you are one among them, you are absolutely wrong. Taking care of your nail as well as nail paint is one ofthe difficult taskseveryone of us need to master.Many atimes, you are left with a situation when you don't find anail polish remover too at the right time and you want to alter the nail paint. Then, what do you do? How do youremove the nail paint without using anail polishremover? Well, if you have been in a situation when you want to remove nail paint but don't have a nail polish remover, then here are some easy hacks to help you out.

1.Use Of Perfume: Using perfume is one of the easiest ways that can help to remove the nail colour easily. Spray some perfume on the nails and remove the nail paint using a cotton swab. If you find some more colour on the nails, spray the perfume once again and clean it from the corners. However, you should take care in case you have cuts, marks or wounds on your nails or surrounding area.

2.Alcohol: It is believed that alcohol is the most effective solution that helps to remove nail polishremover. Take alcohol and dab on the cotton ball. Now, swipe around the nail and it's corner and start removing the nail paint. If you are not using alcohol, you can use any toner or solution that contains a high amount of alcohol. You can repeat doing this few times to get rid of the nail colour completely.

3.Hairspray: To remove nail paint without a nail polish remover, use hairspray. Using hairspray is another effective method to remove nail paint without aremover. Directly spray some hair spray on the nails and remove the colour with the help of cotton ball. Repeat the process in case the nail colour has been left behind on the nails. One important thing you should remember isavoid leaving the hair spray on your nail for too long, as it may absorb the natural oil present on the nail.

4.Deodorants: It is said that deodorants work like a charm to remove the nail paint. If you don't have any other product mentioned in the above list, deodorant is the one which every one of us uses. You just need to spray deodorants directly on your nails and allow the deodorant to rest. After afew minutes, you will be able to remove the nail paint with the help of cotton balls.

5.Hand Sanitizer: We'resure many of them are unaware of the fact that hand sanitizerscan help to remove nail paint easily. Hand sanitizer helps to remove the nail paint easily and also helpsto keep your nail clean and germ-free. You can wash your nails with the help of a sanitizer for several times in a day to remove the colour effectively.

6.Top Coat: You can also apply a clear top coat over your nail paint and remove it immediately with the cotton ball. Top coat helps to remove the nail paint easily. If you notice that the nail paint is not coming out easily, then apply the coat 2-3 times immediately and remove it off.

These are the brilliant tips to remove nail polish without remover.

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