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Know The Dos And Don’ts Of Texting Your Ex

Know The Dos And Don’ts Of Texting Your Ex

After a breakup you tend to get into a depression spree. You get withdrawal symptoms which make you think of getting back to your ex. This is not possible in every break up. Certain break up are good and needed for you to move on in life. Sometimes you feel like talking to your ex or to text them. But before you do that here we are going to share the do's and don'ts of texting your ex.You need to be very clear and precise about your thoughts regarding your ex before you text them before breakup. A casual call or even a message from the ex lovers makes them think of their past and different thoughts pop in.Be sure you just message them to check about their well being. When you text your ex do not think that is it a way to get him/her back. This makes no difference if the person has moved on.

1.Be Sure Of The Talk: When you text your ex they might get the thought that you are willing to get back to them. This should not be the case. Let them understand that its over and the talk is just platonic. This avoids any feelings to develop again.

2.Never Text The Person Who's Heartbroken Over You: Make sure you never contact the person who was emotionally attached to you. This gives them a hope that you are willing to accept them back. Let the time heal and after a really long time you can contact.

3.Never Take Favours: Remember that your relationship with your ex is over. So stop expecting any favours from them. This makes them think that you are still dependent on them for moral support. This is one of the main thing that you need to consider before texting your ex.

4.Do Not Talk About Emotional Bond: When you talk to them make sure you do not discuss about how you are/ were not able to connect with your current partner as certain things reminded you about them. This makes them think of rekindling with you for a while. This would leave you emotionally drained.

5.Never Discuss Sex Life: The first thing your ex would ask about your current relationship is if you are physically connected or if your current partner takes steps to keep you happy. Never let them get an idea of what fun you have. This makes them revengeful and things turn ugly. Avoid discussing these private moments with your ex.

These are the do's and don'ts of texting your ex.

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