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Kia's Seltos gets teased just a little more in a YouTube video

Not long ago, promised to debut a new small SUV called the Seltos that would sit alongside the Soul in its range. At the time it gave us a little tease of what part of a taillight and the badge would look like, a brief explanation of the name Seltos and, well, not much else.

Now, though, we're getting more of a preview than we expected thanks to a short video from Kia's Indian arm. The video, published Friday, shows that the Seltos is pretty handsome-looking for a vehicle in its class. In fact, it's sporting bits of the , a car near and dear to our hearts here at Roadshow.

The video doesn't explain much else, but the caption says that we should expect a full world premiere on June 20.

Kia representatives have confirmed to Roadshow that the Seltos will be a global vehicle, which means we can probably expect to see it in US showrooms at some point. We do know that it's destined to go on sale in Korea and other markets in the latter half of 2019.

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