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Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Prerna gets a new job

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Prerna gets a new job

MUMBAI: The episode sees how Anurag feels uncomfortable when Komolika hugs him while Prerna decides to take up a new job. Later, the Sharmas gear up to renovate their old house. Anurag leaves for office and gets mesmerized by Prerna’s aura, who walked past his car. Anurag gets down to look for the woman whom he felt attracted towards but before he could see Prerna, she boards a cab and leaves for her interview. 

Meanwhile, Nivedita plans to show her appreciation towards Sonalika by gifting her a jewellery. She scans her wardrobe to select an apt piece of jewellery for her when Anupam comes and asks her about it. Nivedita tells Anupam how sweet Sonalika was, as she had understood Mohini’s dilemma and had spoken to him about it and now that Anurag was back to being normal, she wanted to appreciate Sonalika for her kindness and understanding. Earlier, Anupam had teased Anurag about being a changed man after getting married to Sonalika, but he had told Anupam that Sonalika never spoke in regards to family with him and he had decided to change seeing Mohini in pain. Anupam wondered why Sonalika was gathering undue credits for Anurag’s wise decision which was not because of her efforts. 

Meanwhile, Prerna gets a new job as a secretary to the boss of the company she had given the interview in. She gets excited to get the job and start a new life. Here, Anurag goes to office and discuss about a new company that he wanted to take over with Mr. Das but Moloy comes and hands a file to Anurag. Anurag reads the file and learns about the company which Moloy wanted to hand over to him. They go to meet the person, Anshul who was the present owner of the company, Star and Kings. The company, Star and Kings Media Corporation was the same company which Moloy had wanted to take over and give it to Anurag while Prerna was the new joinee in the company. Anurag and Moloy convince Anshul to sell his company to him and Moloy congratulates Anurag for the big win. 

Next day, Prerna goes for work and gets baffled to see everyone gather in the main area. She asks the receptionist and learns that her boss, Anshul was about to make some kind of announcement. Anshul tells his staff that his company was acquired by some other publication and that other than him, everything would remain the same. Anshul spots Prerna and tells her that she would be handling the new boss’ work as his secretary.

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