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Kajal did in one take itself

Kajal did in one take itself

kajal aggarwal is a clear professional who has been in the industry for more than 14 years. She is still the topmost actress among the top league of actresses. She clearly knows to be choosy in her movies and she easily scores Hits and Blockbusters.

kajal aggarwal who is on a winning streak is keen to continue it with her upcoming projects. The actress is working on an array of projects up her sleeve and one among them is the remake of 'Queen' in tamil titled as 'Paris Paris'. It is helmed by Ramesh Aravind. In this case, after all these years, a dance master has revealed an interesting incident about her. During the shooting of 'Brothers' in 2011 in sweden, a shot was taken where Kajal should dance on a rock surrounded by waters. She also has to wear Saree for that sequence.

Initially, she was asked to do it near the shore and they planned to take it as a long shot. But kajal aggarwal did it without any hesitation and she completed the dance in a single shot.

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