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Jio made this great plan, made a big announcement that...

We all know that Reliance Jio was the 1st company to offer free voice calling, 4G internet at affordable rates & free services. In view of jio's plan, many such issues have also arisen among the telecom companies due to which they had to go to court.

Jio made this great plan, made a big announcement that...
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Jio has once again taken such a step after which other telecom companies have turned against it. New controversy has erupted between Indian telecom companies over ring duration.

This is the issue:

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Jio has reduced ring durations of voice calls from its network. Now if the call comes from the jio number, the bell will ring for 25 seconds & after that the phone will be cut. On the Airtel, Vodafone & Idea numbers, this ring rings for 30 seconds.

Explain that this 5 second game is connected to the benefits of millions of telecom companies. Airtel has written a letter to TRAI in the same context that small ring alerts increase the number of missed calls. The ring duration of Jio will be less, so if the call from the Jio number is missed & if the user calls the Jio number from another network, then the interconnection usage charge payout of the incoming call of the Jio network will automatically be reduced.

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Jio explained:

Jio has made his case clear that he wants to keep the ring duration for 25 seconds. Because 20 seconds is enough time to answer the call & if the phone is not picked up in such a long time, then staying on the network for a long time is busy.

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Due to all these issues, now the jio company has started taking the calling money as well. That is, now you will have to pay 6 paisa a minute for calling on another network through jio. As you know, calling was provided completely free till now. Now what do you say about this article, friends? Let me know your answers and opinions in the comment box below.

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Due to this plan middle class families are suffer .

7 Months ago


its jio failure to offer such a plan for us as a user , we are having much problms wit the jio network this days and the internet speed is not good at all and also changing the plans is not decision ,

7 Months ago

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