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Japan is truly a wonderful country, their 5 traditions prove it

Japan is a unique country with old traditions, which is being carried forward from generation to generation. This country is also modern. Sometimes we are tempted to think about which planet the Japanese people are from or what the future is. His approach to common things really makes us feel excited and amazed.

01. Beauty is really important for Japanese people

Japan is truly a wonderful country, their 5 traditions prove it
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This train station was designed for people to get off a train and enjoy the landscape. Aesthetics are an important part of everyday life in Japan. In traditional Japanese culture, there are many root words that determine the essence of beauty.

2. There is no word for robbery or robbery in Japan.

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Japan is prone to earthquakes, but during these natural disasters, there are no looting incidents in the country. It is unknown even if there is a word for this verb in Japanese dictionaries. If you search for "looting in Japan" on Google, you will find a lot of posts, which tell us that no one loots houses and shops in Japan.

3. In Japan, adoption of men is a tradition

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Adoption of adult males is a tradition in Japan, which has been going on since the 13th century. In Japanese society, the family plays an important role. As a rule, the sons run their families and family businesses. But what can families that have only daughters do? For example, Osamu Suzuki, President of Suzuki Motor Corporation, is the 4th adopted heir.

4. Japanese garden is a kind of art

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The main Japanese horticultural principles were established in the 13th century. Soil is indeed a valuable resource in Japan, and people try to use every inch of it. Japanese people want to live in harmony with nature, so they make beautiful gardens and small ponds with colorful carp and turtles and fish in each garden.

5. Japan has highest number aged persons whose age over 100

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In Japan, life expectancy is the highest - 84 years on average. Today, there are over 30,000 people who are over 100 years old in Japan. And there are many reasons. First, in the last 60 years, healthcare has become completely better. Second, high welfare of citizens also plays an important role. Third, Japanese people have begun to pay more attention to elderly people.

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