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Janhvi Kapoor was spotted in this look, her pics went viral...

Today in this article we are going to talk about an Indian actress who was spotted in a different look. She is trolled by netizens on social media for this look. Let's know who that actress is.

Janhvi Kapoor was spotted in this look, her pics went viral...
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Janhvi Kapoor was spotted on the streets wearing a long t-shirt in pink color but people did not like her dressing sense. She was being trolled very much on social media. Someone said that she do not know the meaning of pants, while others wrote, Janhvi forgot to wear pants.

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She is trolled for her dressing sense. In these pictures you can see Janhvi was repeatedly downing her t-shirt. She was also feeling uncomfortable in such a dress.

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Now looking at these pictures, what do you say about Janhvi Kapoor. Let me know your answers and opinions in the comment box below.

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we are not anyone to judge whether he or she is doing anything. they have their own life the thing we have to do that we have to change our point of view. let think that you are not liking it, so you only ignore this. he or she is not coming to you and asking hey! I am looking good or not. so just ignore this . thank you

2 Months ago


bikhari bhi itne kam kapare nahi pahante

2 Months ago

Santhosh kumar Raju

When her mother was Alive she didn't allow to wear these type of stupid dresses,she always HD traditional dressing sense

2 Months ago

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