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Janhvi, Anshula, Khushi, Arjun and Boney Kapoor's family WhatsApp group will make you go 'oh so relatable'

Janhvi, Anshula, Khushi, Arjun and Boney Kapoor's family WhatsApp group will make you go 'oh so relatable'

Of all the film families in Bollywood, it's perhaps the Kapoors who never fail to garner limelight with their antics. From their larger-than-life parties to their regular reunions and their scattered work commitments, the entire Kapoor family knows how to keep the show going.

While individually, each Kapoor is sure to leave you intrigued and impressed, together they are just a power-packed family - equal dose humour and equal dose intensity. In the latest update, Anshula Kapoor offered a glimpse of what their family WhatsApp group is like and if anything, it's sure to make you say 'Oh so relatable!'

Each family group has certain peculiar traits - the most common of them being the regular updates that flow from all members of the family. Whether one is getting late from work or heading out to a party or taking off to a trip, the core family group is essentially about the day-to-day updates and mostly, about whereabouts of the family members. No different than the rest, the fam group of Kapoors is full of similar conversations.

In the said group, the participants include Bollywood filmmaker-producer Boney Kapoor and his children, Anshula Kapoor, Janhvi Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor. Anshula on Friday took to social media and posted a screenshot of their recent chat and it's sure to leave you in splits.

In the screenshot posted, we see how each member is updating the others about their respective landings in different cities. The first message is from Boney Kapoor (Dad) that reads Landed, the second is from Janhvi (Jaanu) that again reads Landed. The following message is a reply to Arjun's text and reads, "Amritsar!". To which Arjun has responded saying, "Waah!".

The following message is Boney confirming about Janhvi's landing and then Anshula updating about her boarding a flight from Delhi.

The last word is from Boney, who updates his family that he is "in the lounge waiting to board from Mumbai from Chennai."

While the chat in itself is hilarious, it's Anshula's caption that will further leave you laughing. Anshula wrote, "OMG wht is this day of only flights hahaha."

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