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It is the first city with 5G coverage, Speed up to 100 times faster than 4G

It is the first city with 5G coverage, Speed up to 100 times faster than 4G
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China's city Shanghai, on Saturday, claimed that it has become the world's first city with 5G coverage and Broadband Gigabit Network availability. 5G is the next-generation cellular technology that gives 10 to 100 times faster download speeds than the 4G. In the matter of 5G, China is engaged in the struggle to overtake the world including the US.

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According to China's official newspaper China Daily, Shanghai has claimed to be the world's first district with 5G coverage and Broadband Gigabit network. According to the report, 5G network testing was supported by China's government telecommunications company China Mobile. Its official operation was started on Saturday in Hongkou, Shanghai.

In order to ensure complete coverage, 5G base stations were being installed for the last three months. China Daily said that Vice-Mayor Wu Qing of Shanghai made the first video call on 5G on the first 5G foldable phone from Huawei’s Mate X. He said that after consumers will be able to avail the services without changing the SIM card after full communication operations will get done.

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After 4G, the preparations for the launch of the 5G service have started now all over the world. China has stepped forward by testing the 5G in this sequence. Earlier, Huawei had introduced its 5G device, Mate X in Mobile World Congress. In addition, Samsung is also preparing to bring its 5G device, which can be launched soon in South korea. So, let me know what is your opinion about this achievement of China and in how many years India would be a country with 5G network coverage. Comment us below.

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I think we(India) needs to directly launch 8G so that we will be able to experience 4G Speed because on 4G we are getting 2G speed

5 Months ago


kya aapna 2.o dhaki hai ausma bataaya hai 4g sa itni birds marti hai to 5g aagaya to kitni maragi ya log tv par dhikha karta hai tv par ya mat karo wo mat karo khud karta hai

6 Months ago


radiation will effect everyone..

7 Months ago

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