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It is not easy to believe that they are no more

They say death is inevitable, diseases are here with us and are bound to attack any of us anytime unknowingly. It is usually sad when one loses a loved one and the grief lives in one's heart forever. Here are Bollywood celebrities who died in 2018.

Kavi Kumar Azad

It is not easy to believe that they are no more
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He died on 9 th July 2018 due to a heart attack.

Krishna Raj Kapoor

This popular Bollywood queen passed on 1 st October 2018 due to Cardiac Arrest.

Karan Paranjape

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This young handsome man dies on 25 th March 2018 as a result of Heart Attack.

Shri Vallabh Vyas

Cause of death was due to a prolonged illness which he succumbed to on 7 th January 2018.

Rita Bhaduri

Rita a well known Bollywood celebrity succumbed to a Kidney Ailment which claimed her life on 17 th July 2018.

Narendra Jha

This Bollywood celebrity with a charming smile died due to a heart attack on 14 th March 2018.

Sujata Kumar

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Sujata, a Bollywood beauty was robbed of her life by Cancer and died on 19 th August 2018.

Nargis Rabadi (Shammi)

She passed away on 6 th March 2018, due to natural causes.


Bollywood lost this beautiful lady on 24 th February 2018, as a result of Drowning.

Danish Zehen

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Danish, a handsome young Bollywood celebrity died on20th December 2018 due to a Car Accident.

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