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Is copper water bottle good or bad? See the truth

Copper water bottles are not good as well as not safe to consume water from it.

Is copper water bottle good or bad? See the truth
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The concept of drinking water from copper vessels was acquired from our ancestors.

They used from big to small copper vessels, various size plates and glasses to store and to drink water from it.

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If you look at the age old copper vessels, they were designed in such a way that the vessels had no complicated bends and designs. The mouth of the vessels was large.

The reason is:

Copper vessels have to be washed thoroughly with hands. People those days used either lemon+ ash or tamarind+ ash to wash copper vessels and neither dishwashing soaps nor powder.

Designs, bends and mouth of the vessels should be made in such a way that our hands can reach these areas to wash it properly.

Complicated designs, narrow bends, small mouths are out of reach from hands while washing it. When these areas are left unattended by hands corrosion happens.

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Imagine corrosion happening at the bottom of the above water bottle.

Do you really think that a long brush or any other lengthy scrubbing material could be used to scrub off the greenish layer completely from it?

Definitely not, because nothing works as scrubbing with hands using a scrubber as one cannot put their hand down to the bottom of the water bottle to clean it.

So it is not avoid, instead, DO NOT USE COPPER WATER BOTTLES.

Or carry water bottles designed in such a way we can drop our hands deep inside to clean and to wash it.

Important note :

  1. Do not use dishwashing soaps and liquids.
  2. Wash copper vessels on a daily basis.
  3. Dry under the Sun once a week.

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