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Is Rbi issuing new note of 1000 rupees?Read to know full details.

Pictures of the new Rs 1000 note are becoming viral on social media. These pictures are being viral on social media and it is being said that (RBI) has released a new note of Rs 1000 today. These photos are being shared widely on Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp.

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Is Rbi issuing new note of 1000 rupees?Read to know full details.
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A viral message on social media claims that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has released new Rs 1,000 currency notes. The alleged new note has an impression of Mahatma Gandhi and a green strip on the right, among other signatures.

Several social media users shared the image on Facebook and Twitter with the same claim.



On a careful examination of the image, we can see some text on the top right corner of the note (highlighted in blue) that reads ‘artistic imagination’. This clearly indicates that there is nothing official about this note and that it has been created for artistic purposes.

Further, We accessed the official website of the RBI but could not find any notification regarding the release of a new Rs 1,000 note. Recently, another viral message had claimed that RBI is taking back all Rs 2,000 notes and issuing new Rs 1,000 notes as legal tender.

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However, Yogesh Dayal, CGM, Department of Communication, RBI had then told “There's no notification from our side. All communications from the RBI appear on our website. Please don't believe in rumours.”

We urge you guys to not fall to such Fake news and do not forward such fake news on any social Media platform.

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