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Is 'Doraemon' based on true story? here is the rumor

Hello friends, Doraemon is a famous TV series liked by everyone, children love it and many adults also enjoy it but according to some websites and Youtube videos, this TV series is inspired by a true story.

Is 'Doraemon' based on true story? here is the rumor
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According to a rumor, Nobita Hirose was a real boy who lived in Japan, he was suffering from schizophrenia and depression.

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His life was quite miserable as he was bullied by school friends daily, he imagined and created his own world where he found Doraemon, a new friend who liked him and always been with him.

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Nobita was trying to solve each and every problem with the help of Doraemon who was not real, when Nobita turned 16 he realized that Doraemon is his imagination, he could not bear the shock and commited suicide. Fujiko Fujio created this animation series inspired by this story.

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😓😢so sad it's my lovable show

7 Days ago


I love Doraemon & Nobita

6 Days ago


fake News falaNa bNd kro

6 Days ago

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