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Interesting unknown facts about Mumbai

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is the commercial capital of India. Come know some interesting facts about this city:

Interesting unknown facts about Mumbai
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Mumbai got its name from a popular Goddess Temple- Mumba Devi Temple, which is located on Bori Bunde in Mumbai.

By using bicycle, pramming as your vehicle, the dabblers work successfully in the lunch box from their customer's kitchen / house to carry food and leave them to the customer's workplace.

They deliver approximately 200,000 din (Tiffin) offices daily by 5,000 dabblers every day from very stable home and they have been doing this since 1890.

On 16th April 1853, the first train was seen in Bombay (now Mumbai) India. With Borivar (now Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal) for Thane in Maharashtra with 14 trains and 400 passengers.

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Located on the Mumbai-Pune Highway near Khopoli, the image is India's largest theme park, spread over 300 acres of area.

Mumbai 7 was a name denoted by adjacent islands, which were Portuguese territory until the 16th century.

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In 1761, the Portuguese handed England to these 7 islands at the time of Catherine of Braganza and Charles II in Dowry. It took about 60 years (1784-1845) to join these 7 islands in a coastal city.

Often famous as Bollywood, Mumbai is the center of Hindi film industry in India.

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Antilla is a 27-story house named after an island in the Atlantic, which is owned by business tycoon and Mukesh Ambani, India's richest person. Its current price is approximately 1 billion.

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Mumbai Sagar Link, officially known as the Rajiv Gandhi Sagar link, is about 5.6 km long, it is an architectural wonder, because it is made of 90,000 tonnes of cement and steel wire.

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ram shankar720

it's a dirty city where poor are poorer and rich gets richer.

4 Months ago


dirty city I ever seen in my life.....a biggest slum called city ......

4 Months ago


Bombay was a better name

4 Months ago

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