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Interesting facts about zebra that you will be surprised to know

Friends Zebra is one of the most beautiful and only hoof animal in Africa which is native to Africa. Which is identified by the black and white stripes on its body. The question must surely arise in the minds of people, why are these stripes black and white only. We will also tell you this in the article. The zebra is considered a donkey, but in a genetic way it is a close relative of a horse and donkey. But like a horse or donkey it cannot be domesticated because the zebra is aggressive in nature. While the Romans use the Grevy's Zebra to pull a two-wheeled cart into the circus. Let's tell you

10 interesting facts about zebra that you will be surprised to know.

Interesting facts about zebra that you will be surprised to know
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1. Zebra An animal whose speed is very high. Zebras can run at speeds up to 65 kilometers per hour. They also deceive predators by running in zig zag motion. It is a very moving and intelligent animal.

2. Friends, the zebra is actually black in color. But there are white stripes on his body. Which makes it look dark white in color.

3. The manner in which finger prints of every human are different and any two humans can be distinguished by their finger prints. In the same way, the pattern of stripes on the body of each zebra is also different.

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4. At present, three zebras of the zebra are alive. Which are called the Plains Zebra, the Royal Zebra and the Mountain Zebra.

5. Zebra is one such animal. Those who can recognize the color but cannot see the orange color.

6. The word zebra comes from a Portuguese language meaning "wild ass" and its group is called zeel or dazzle. Which means "very bright"

7. Zebras are very brave and live in groups to avoid any predator, which makes it difficult for a predator to catch a zebra. When a zebra is injured by a predator, other zebras gather around it and try to save it.

8. Ostrich makes very good with zebra. The two often live together to protect each other from predators. Ostrich has good viewing power, he can see far. While the zebra can hear better and has the power to smell the smell of a threat.

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9. Zebras can grow and move as soon as they are born. They drink mother's milk for a year when it is born and the mother of zebra takes great care of her children.

10. You must know that while crossing the rod, there is a black and white strip on the streets of the city. Those are called zebra crossings. They are named zebra crossings because they look like black and white stripes on the zebra's body.

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