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Interesting facts about Petra, Jordan

Built as the capital of Nabatians around 312 BC, Petra really reflects the heritage of Jordan.

Petra means female Greek word "petros", which means "rocks"

Interesting facts about Petra, Jordan
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Due to rose-red sandstone hills, Petra is often called 'Rose City'.

Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, a Swiss explorer, discovered Petra in 1812. Since it was an unknown unit for almost 5 centuries, it is also called 'Lost City'. "

The European study found that Nabata built this city to track the astronomical activities of the sun and built an altar on top of his house.

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To enter Petra, it has to pass through a narrow valley of about 1 km. It is tied to long rocks named Al-Seek, up to 80 km.

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Petra is a huge city of sacred structures carved in graves, monuments and rock cliffs. There are about 800 carved graves in it

Due to the water conservation system at that time, there was enough water for about 30,000 people

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While visiting Patra city, anyone can buy things like authentic souvenirs of Jordan and Nabatian. There is also a collection of stone carvings, embroidery, silver utensils and pottery.

In May, in 363 AD, a couple of earthquakes destroyed half of the city. Many buildings and their water systems were severely damaged.

Petra was a city of merchants and was therefore commercially lively and was once home to many treasures. But due to its structural weakness, its treasures have been stolen in years.

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Due to its historical importance and sensitive structure, it was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

Petra was once an important center of Christianity. It contains 6 Eddy marble pulp from a Byzantine church called Blue Chapel.

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most of the ancient heritage are now the land of we muslims such as egypt, libya.. mesopotamia which is modern day iraq, persia-khorasan which is modern day iran, afghanistan and former soviet regions of central asia, harappa-mohenjodaro-taxila in pakistan... and if you guys think about romans so western part of turkey also had ancient romans ruins

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i love jordan

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