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Instagram is misleading and Giving wrong information.

Instagram is misleading and Giving wrong information.
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Instagram has announced plans to trial a function that will allow users to report content they believe is misinformation, the latest example of parent company Facebook’s broader efforts to slow the spread of fake and misleading content across its platforms.

The social media platform said a new ‘False information’ tag will be added to its existing reporting tools, within the section of the app where users can flag content they consider to be inappropriate. Instagram will then use reports from the new tool to train artificial intelligence in how to proactively find and rate misinformation on the platform without the need for a report from users.

As shown in the image below – shared by social media expert Matt Navara – under the trial, a new option has been added to users’ reporting tools on a post. When users select the option ‘It’s inappropriate’ on the app, they will be taken to a separate reporting flow, where the ‘False information’ tag will be shown.

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“From the end of August, people will be able to let us know about content that people believe may be misinformation and help improve our ability to proactively catch misinformation,” Instagram explained, which was shared in a Twitter post by Navara.

“When we find misinformation on Instagram, we filter it from places where people discover new content - Explore and hashtag pages.”

The trial is hoped to expand Instagram’s options for detection and, as noted, build on Facebook’s broader capacity to limit the spread of such through its platforms.

Meanwhile, Instagram is currently investigating increased instances of disingenuous users viewing people’s Instagram Stories as a growth-hacking tactic, with many people reporting Russian-based accounts looking at their publicly shared content.

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According to TechCrunch, Instagram is aware of people and brands using the tactic, which in some cases involves accounts paying third parties to boost their profile by viewing people’s Instagram Stories. Individuals do this in the hopes that those users will check out these viewers and subsequently follow the accounts, artificially inflating their audience numbers.

In lighter Instagram news, earlier this week the photo-sharing app announced that its users will soon be able to create and publish their own augmented reality (AR) effects as Facebook moves its Spark AI platform out of closed beta.

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