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Inside Kim Kardashian’s insane $1m wardrobe

From rows of Hermes Birkin bags to more than 50 pairs of identical black boots, Kim Kardashian’s closet is extremely excessive.

Kim Kardashian has given fans a sneak peek of a new product from her Skims line – but it was her jaw-dropping wardrobe that caught people’s attention.

The 39-year-old took to Instagram to share a video of herself wearing items from her Cozy Collection, a series of super soft-looking loungewear.

She recorded the clip on a large mirror inside her ‘robe – revealing the endless racks of shoes, boots and handbags stored neatly behind her.

“OK, my closet is a mess right now,” she began, before showing off her outfit in front of a row of Hermes Birkin bags. Prices start at around $20,000 for this high-end designer and can go up as high as $300,000 depending on the style and fabric used.

Inside Kim Kardashian’s insane $1m wardrobe

Kim Kardashian reveals new Skims line inside her insane $1m wardrobe. Picture: Instagram / Kim KardashianSource:Instagram

Another row featured at least 50 pairs of black boots, ranging from a short ankle style to a risque super-high thigh design.

There were also shelves with multiple other handbags, ranging from large totes to small clutches and all undoubtedly featuring expensive price tags.

In true extra style there is even a plush cushioned seat in the middle of the room, presumably to sit on while trying to find the perfect pair of shoes and a handbag to match one of Kim’s designer outfits.

There were rows and rows of shoes, boots and accessories. Picture: Instagram / Kim KardashianSource:Instagram

While the space behind her was filled perfectly to the brim, there were no clothes in sight, meaning the mum-of-four likely has more than one super-sized walk-in wardrobe.

It’s not clear how much Kim’s shoes and accessories collection is worth, but the Mail Online have reported its value comes in at more than $US1 million.

Prices start at $76 and can go up to $187. Picture: Skims / Kim KardashianSource:Supplied

During the video, posted yesterday to reveal the latest additions to the Skims shapewear line, Kim rocked a black pair of shorts, with a matching singlet and robe. There’s also a pair of pants too, and the collection comes in four colours – cream, blush, teddy brown and black.

“You guys are gonna love this,” she told her 153 million followers. “I just wear the shorts and the tank around the house as my pyjamas.”

The clip was shared to promote her figure-hugging new loungewear. Picture: Instagram / Kim KardashianSource:Instagram

In another video, she showed off the fluffy fabric that Kim described as “really stretchy and fitting really well”.

“This fabric is stretchy and it’s thick, so none of this, not the light or dark, none of it will show cellulite,” she said.

“It’s thick but it’s not a material that adds weight to you. It’s really slimming at the same time.”

Prices start at $US52 ($A76) for the shorts, with the robe being the most expensive item, costing $US128 ($A187). The collection launches on Monday.

Hype around the drop is already huge, with people sharing their excitement on social media.

Back in June, Kim announced she was launching her shapewear brand, initially calling it “Kimono” – which landed the star in some serious hot water.

The wife of rapper Kanye West was accused of “cultural appropriation” as “Kimono”, which means “thing to wear”, is a Japanese ceremonial garment.

Shortly after announcing the Kimono launch, Twitter blew up with people accusing the reality star of being “arrogant” and calling the decision “vile”.

Those outraged by the name even coined a hashtag “KimOhNo” (as a play on the pronunciation of the word), while other Twitter users defended the mother-of-four amid the backlash.

In August, Kim revealed she’d rebranded the business as “Skims”, and since then it has been a roaring success. One report recently said she was on course to become the next billionaire in her famous family, stating a restock of her shapewear products was a “massive success”.

“Kim’s massive restock release on Wednesday was actually more successful than the initial launch … netting millions in just minutes,” a source who said there were a “million people were on the wait list” toldTMZ.

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