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Indians Netizens Blame 'Economic Slowdown' for Cricketer Virat Kohli's Half-Naked Pic

Indians Netizens Blame 'Economic Slowdown' for Cricketer Virat Kohli's Half-Naked Pic

New Delhi (Sputnik) - Indian Twitter users have jokingly linked the country’s economic slowdown to cricket captain Virat Kohli posting his shirtless pic with actress wife, Anushka Sharma.

In what appears to be a beach-side snap, Kohli shared a sun-kissed picture with his wife in beachwear, captioning it with a red heart emoji. However, it sparked a flood of hilarious responses. The Twitterati swung into action a day after the Indian finance minister blamed millennials’ change of mindset for being the reason behind it.

​In a lighter vein, some of Kohli’s followers opted to advise the government to swiftly undertake measures to tackle the economic crisis and help people afford clothing.
Citing some studies, the Indian finance minister recently linked the “mindsets of millennials” to the economic slowdown and also allowed a lot of netizens to have fulsome enjoyment on social media.

Addressing the media in Chennai on Tuesday, to mark the Narendra Modi government's first 100 days in its second consecutive term in office, Sitharaman said the automobile sector was affected by several issues including a change in "mindset" among millennial consumers.

"Some studies do tell us that the mindset of millennials, who are now preferring not to commit an EMI for buying an automobile, instead prefer to take Ola, Uber, everything else, or take the metro… A whole lot of factors are influencing the automobile sector. We are trying to solve the problem for them," the minister added.

The finance minister's statement also inspired a trending hashtag on Twitter dubbed #BoycottMillennials.

Funny comments flashing under Kohli's steamy picture are an extension of the memes and witty reactions that Sitharaman's statement has triggered on social media.

Jokes and wordplay related to Sitharaman also prompted #SayitLikeNirmalatai to trend on Twitter. The hashtag also made its way to Kohli's post.

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