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Indian Idol 11: Co-Judge Vishal Dadlani Wanted To Call The Police After A Contestant Forcibly Kissed Judge Neha Kakkar

Indian Idol 11: Co-Judge Vishal Dadlani Wanted To Call The Police After A Contestant Forcibly Kissed Judge Neha Kakkar

has been garnering a lot of attention since the show has gone on air. The reality singing show is getting famous for the acts pulled by the contestants and winning the hearts of the audience for the talent on the show. Meanwhile, the news of Judge Neha Kakkar being kissed forcibly by a contestant has been rapidly spreading on the internet. While everything happened without Neha’s consent, Co-judge Vishal Dadlani took to his social media to share that he wanted to call the police to take action against the contestant.

The video of a contestant dressed in Rajasthan attire, and bringing gifts for Neha Kakkar went viral on the internet. What was more eye-grabbing that when Neha went to accept the gifts from the contestant, he forcibly planted a kiss on her cheeks. As this left fans of the show in shock, one particular fan took to his social media to question co-judge Vishal Dadlani on the matter. He tweeted, “@VishalDadlani sir uss launde ko chamet maarni chahiye thi. How dare he do such a thing. I hope he was not let off easily." (Also Read: Indian Idol 11: How Much Are Anu Malik, Neha Kakkar And Vishal Dadlani Making On The Show?)

Replying to the fan, Vishal Dadlani tweeted how he wanted to call the police, but Neha Kakkar decided not to call the police. Vishal tweet read, “I suggested that the Police be called, but Neha decided to let the guy off the hook. He definitely needs psychiatric help, and we will try to help him get that, if we can. #IndianIdol11."

Meanwhile, as the show airs on SONY TV, the channel took to their official Instagram handle to share the rushes from the show, where the contestant forcibly plants a kiss on Neha Kakkar’s cheeks. The incident took place when Neha Kakkar went on to accept the gifts and hug him, while he planted the kiss on her cheeks without her permission. As this act by the contestant left everyone as well as Neha in shock, hiding her face in embarrassment, Kakkar immediately moved behind.

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was it a part of the script?🤔🤔🤔

7 Months ago


neha kakkar tum ko istarha se kisi ke bhi saat hug nahi karna chahiye. logoun ki niyat kab badal jaye pata chala kya nahi

7 Months ago


no problem, this is modern India....

7 Months ago

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