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In the ancient caves of India,you will feel like true Indian

India is called a country with ancient civilizations. It is said that the people of the past used to live in places like caves and slums. The caves of that time have become the place to roam for the people. Even today, there are many such caves in India, which is already present in the past. These caves are ancient, as well as due to religion being very special. Today we will give you information about similar caves of Hinduism made in India. You need to know about it before going where it is. People have to think a bit to come here, because these caves are developed in dense forests.

In the ancient caves of India,you will feel like true Indian
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1. Elephanta's cave - Maharashtra

Elephanta caves are about 12 kilometers away from Mumbai's Gateway of India. The cave here is made by cutting the mountains. There are about 7 caves, the most important of which is the Mahesh Moorthy cave. Elephanta is also known as Gharapuri. 

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2. Varah caves - Tamilnadu

The Varah cave is located in Tamil Nadu in Mahabalipuram of Chennai. There is a temple of Lord Vishnu in the Varah Cave. The artwork cut off the rocks is so beautiful that it has been made part of UNESCO World Heritage. Varah Cave is a tourist attraction

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3. Ajanta-Ellora caves - Maharashtra

This place is located in Maharashtra's Aurangabad district. There are 29 Buddhist caves and many Hindu temples in Ajanta. It is famous for its paintings and wonderful temples.

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Great information of caves, it's our cultural

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Ajanta Ellora caves are incredible

5 Months ago

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