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In Corona Crisis Telangana Govt Commits A Big Mistake

In Corona Crisis Telangana Govt Commits A Big Mistake

prime ministernarendra modi has announced a 21-day lockdown across the country. In the wake of the lockdown, hostel and PG guesthouse owners in hyderabad have aggravated the crisis by the evacuation of existing students and employees. This has forced employees and students to take to the road. With this in mind, the telanganagovernment asked them to contact localpolice stations and give them special passes which will enable them to go to their hometowns.

That has become a big mistake. As a result, thousands of students and employees reached some of the city's police stations. A huge congregation of people just defeated the purpose and increased the risk. The roads leading to vijayawada have become jammed. telanganagovernment has realized the mistake it has committed. telangana DGP has issued new guidelines on this.

He gave key directions to the hostel and PG guest house operators. The organizers were advised not to evacuate any hostels and create unnecessary panic. He asked the localpolice to meet with the hostel administrators and give them strict instructions. He also announced that the existing passes will be invalid and no new passes will be issued.

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no one should move from one state to another. screw the owners who has chased people out

5 Days ago


human mis cslculation. but immediate redressal be appreciated.

5 Days ago

Yudhisthir Prusti

Than what is the use of lock down & quarentine.

4 Days ago

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