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Impact Wrestling News: Ethan Page credits Abyss for his interest in the company

Mr. All Ego was enamored with the Monster during the early years of TNA

Impact Wrestling News: Ethan Page credits Abyss for his interest in the company
The Impact Tag Team Champion remembers how he was introduced to Impact Wrestling

It may surprise many to find out that a man with the nickname "All Ego" would have a soft spot for anything aside from himself. However, Ethan Page revealed in an interview with Chris Van Vliet that the company meant quite a lot to him as he was growing up.

Spike TV introduces TNA to a new audience

Impact Wrestling, then Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, had just moved away from their weekly PPVs and found themselves a home on cable with Spike TV. From there, many fans were introduced to a brand new company that had a completely different look and feel to it, giving them a taste of attitude that many felt had left other promotions.

Between the fast-paced styles of the performers, the introduction of new exciting talent, and a unique six-sided ring, it was enough to bring over a million fans to Spike each week.

Ethan Page credits Abyss for making him a fan of TNA

Familiar faces drew Page in as they did other fans, but a certain Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer was the reason he kept coming back for more.

I started watching just after they finished their weekly PPVs and went to their big 3-hour PPVs. So the Jeff Hardys, the Christian Cages, and then obviously when Kurt Angle came but Abyss was always one of my favorites.

Though TNA had brought in some incredible stars like Cage and Angle, Page was enthralled with the Monster known as Abyss. One of the many originals that helped put the company on the map, Abyss was known for his violent brawls and freakish resilience to pain.

As an original character, I always wanted to see him go on and wrestle guys like Kane and The Undertaker. He was always having crazy matches and they were doing things that WWE at the time wasn't doing like with the thumbtacks and barbed wire and stuff like that. They would go a step further. I don't know, maybe I had a bloodlust but I was a big fan of Abyss.

Abyss was one of the standouts with Impact Wrestling during his nearly two-decade run with the company, so it's not surprising to know that he's remembered so fondly by the stars of today.

If you'd like to check out the rest of Chris Van Vliet's interview with the Impact Tag Team Champion above. Page goes into detail about how Impact became one of the best professional wrestling companies in the world ovovernightwhat it's like to be a champion there, and the importance of social media in the business today.

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